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john directingJohn Lloyd Miller was born and raised in New Jersey. After High School he served honorably in the U.S. Navy. Miller then attended Northeastern University in Boston, where he graduated with honors. 

After Boston, John attended the Graduate Film Program at The University of Southern California in Los Angeles where his student film, "Brother's Keeper", generated great interest and numerous awards. While in graduate school Miller began directing music videos. His own background as a musician contributed greatly to his ability to create videos in all genres of music. 

After a number of years of exclusively directing music videos, Miller began to explore other aspects of filmmaking. His short film, "I Still Miss Someone" created a buzz in Hollywood and interested people in his narrative skills both as a director and as screenwriter. 

The AV Squad is Miller's company and as such reflects his diverse interests and abilities. He is equally at home in a Hollywood meeting, directing a small commercial or meeting with business clients. He enjoys and flourishes in creative settings. His intense desire to keep from being pigeon-holed has kept his creative output varied and diverse. 

John Lloyd Miller works with a very talented core group of technicians and artists. Being able to assemble the right team, of the right size and proportion for the job is very important. He draws from his experiences and contacts on both coasts, even though he bases himself in middle America. 

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John Lloyd Miller
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